Human Resources

The employee groups include, teachers, secretaries, office assistants, educational assistants, custodians, food service employees, activity employees, administrators and other support personnel.

The following characteristics exemplify our employees:

• Our staff members are effective thinkers, risk takers, problem solvers, leaders and communicators who successfully prepare students for the next level.

• All Staff demonstrate a commitment to continued professional growth.

• All staff contribute to the establishment of a positive culture.

If you would like to become a part of the Howard-Winn staff, please check our postings and complete our online application process.

Professional Development

Teacher Inservice or Professional Development corrolate with the days off when teachers work and students have time off. Teachers use the time for such tasks as improving their teaching strategies and techniques or planning with colleagues for improvements in the curriculum. Current research indicates that the methods teachers use to deliver the instruction is as much or more important than having knowledge of the curricular content. It is no longer adequate to use one strategy to present lessons and expect all students to learn the same way. It may seem like teachers have a lot of Professional Development time, but be assured that they are using the time to complete necessary and required tasks that will enhance their ability to teach your children.


Howard-Winneshiek Community School District values and encourages our parents and community members to volunteer in our schools. We believe that volunteers make a valuable contribution to our faculty, staff and students. To provide for the safety of all of our students and staff, background checks are required to enter into our schools and work with students. Please see the guidelines on our Volunteer Page.


Our human resources are the most valuable assets in our organization. We recruit, support, and develop the most talented employees to ensure Howard-Winneshiek Community School District educates every student to his/her highest level of personal excellence.