The Technology Department works hard to continually improve our infrastructure at each building. Driven by a rapidly changing society, our District understands that technology makes a significant difference in children's lives by preparing them for the world of work, supporting them in becoming productive citizens, and enabling them to become life-long learners.

Why 1:1?

For our students to accomplish complex learning tasks such as analysis, evaluation, and creation they need to be given tools to aid them in these processes. We want them to move from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge!

Laptops and iPads provide our students with the opportunity to nourish and grow the seeds we have planted by allowing them access to powerful computer based programs, Apps, Web 2.0 tools, collaboration and networking tools, and an educational experience that will prepare them to be competitive in a 21st century global economy.

"Educate me for my future, not your past!"

We know that the world our students will be entering after high school is radically different than most of us remember. The term "21st century education" was coined in 2003 and has become a movement in education to ready our students for what is currently happening and what is to come. We can't predict the future, but we can help our students gain the skills necessary to tackle it, whatever it may look like!

Breaking socioeconomic, language, and learning barriers

Howard-Winneshiek CSD believes that every student deserves the opportunity to better themselves through education! Providing laptops and iPads for each student goes a long way toward making sure that each student has every opportunity to do this. We're not worrying about leaving a child behind, because we want to push ALL of our students ahead!

Using laptops and iPads creates an environment where we can truly start to differentiate learning for every student. Language barriers start to fade to the background as we utilize powerful tools such as Reader and text-to-speech built into the iPad and MacBook Air. Learning can be differentiated to allow students choice in their classroom work and the ability to engage with learning through their strengths in learning.

Learning through Multiple Avenues

The Apple iPad, can help students gain valuable interaction with technology through their use of tactile control. These devices allow for further differentiation in not only our method of delivery, but also the way students interact with their lessons and content!

Educational tools such as the iPads and the MacBook Airs can change, for the better, the way students and teachers create a learning environment in which every student can find a way to succeed. We know that multiple learning styles exist and we plan to use each and every one of them to help our students achieve beyond their expectations.


Taking Care of Your Device

Charging the Battery

Handle With Care

  • Avoid placing objects (including paper) between the display and the keyboard.
  • Do not turn the device over while the AC power adapter is connected. This could break the adapter plug.
  • Before moving the device, disconnect cords, cables, and other attached devices.
  • When picking up the device while it is open, hold it by the bottom. Never pick up or hold the device by the display.

Cleaning the Device


The Technology Department supports both instructional technology resources for student learning and operational technology to support business operations. We research, plan, implement, and review reliable, effective technologies to meet our District’s needs.

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