The Howard-Winneshiek CSD assessment system operates on three interconnected leve
  1. Large scale standardized tests that include state and federal accountability testing.
  2. District level assessments to measure student growth and learning.
  3. Classroom level assessments for grading and formative purposes.
  4. Assessment results are regularly analyzed for specific purposes that range from program evaluation to individual student performance, growth, and programming eligibility.



Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress

Dear Howard-Winneshiek Families,

During the spring a window is set for students in grades 3-11 to take part in the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress or ISASP. The Iowa Assessments are aligned to the grade level Iowa Core and provide an accurate assessment of student learning.  When results are released staff and administration will review individual student and building results and determine individual and grade level needs along with any adjustments that may need to occur in instruction and/or curriculum.

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISAP) Iowa Core
Defines what all students are expected to learn and know at each grade level Measures achievement on grade level standards
Serves as a basis for classroom curriculum and instruction Measures what students know and can do
Outlines content for each grade level subject Distinguishes the level of proficiency for each grade level subject

Tests and Grade Levels given:

Tests Grade Level          
Reading 3 - 11
Language and Writing            3 -11
Mathematics 3 -11
Science 5, 8, and 10