Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership and Compensation System rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities and higher pay, attracts promising new teachers with competitive starting salaries and more support, and fosters greater collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other.

Goals of Teacher Leadership Plan

Goals of Howard-Winneshiek CSD Teacher Leadership Plan:

  1. Ensure all efforts are designed to improve student learning.
  2. Build the content knowledge and instructional capacity of all teachers.
  3. Maximize opportunities and time for collaboration while minimizing time out of the classroom.
  4. Respond to both the individual and group needs of teachers.
  5. Allow for flexibility of implementation to accommodate building differences.
  6. Provide high quality PD that is relevant to teacher practice.
  7. Foster innovation.
  8. Offer multiple leadership roles as part of a system where teachers can rotate in and out of positions.
  9. Support all teachers to seek leadership opportunities.
  10. Ensure teachers play a key role in the ongoing management of the program.

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