Bus Routes Hard Surfaced Roads

posted Mar 17, 2013, 10:51 AM by Heather Klenke   [ updated Apr 12, 2013, 11:12 AM ]


Until Further Notice all Howard-Winn. Buses will be on Hard Surfaced Roads Only!

CHANGE: Please be advised that Routes #5 Pm has changed and #9-13 Pm has changed.

  1. All Elementary Buildings will be open at 7:15am til Further Notice.
  2. Make arrangements to be picked up at a neighbors house on a hard surfaced road.
  3. No am or pm Transportation for the Elma Elementary
  4. No pm Transportation for the LSE
  5. All Chester area Students the Lime Springs Bus will be at the Old Fire Station @ 7:12am
  6. 1st stop for this bus will be the LSE then will continue on to Cresco.
  7. Please be Aware that the bus #’s and Drivers will change for this information.
  8. Main concern is the younger children will remember bus #.
  9. Students need to board the bus at the closest Junction listed.
  10. The times will be approximate for the first few days.
  11. If you live near a community listed go to that transportation site that’s most appropriate.
  12. Pm Routes We will not drop a student at a rural junction without a parent or vehicle present.

Watch the KTTC News report from Transportation Dir. Bill Kosters, and Supt. John Carver.