PowerSchool Learning

Howard-Winneshiek PowerSchool Learning is a safe online program that allows teachers to create, manage and share information with their students. Students using Howard-Winneshiek PowerSchool Learning can get class assignments, collaborate with their teacher and classmates, see grades and work on self-paced learning activities. Parents can access class assignments and class grades. View a video demonstrating how to use Howard-Winneshiek CSD PowerSchool Learning.

HW PowerSchool Learning

PowerSchool Learning Help Center - Browse or search through user guides for detailed instructions on how to use PowerSchool Learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my parent account?
To log into Howard-Winneshiek CSD PowerSchool Learning, parents should log into their PowerSchool Portal:


What will I be able to see in my student's Howard-Winneshiek CSD PowerSchool account? Will I be able to participate in my child's class?

You will be able to see you child's grades for that class and class assignments. You will not be able to participate or observe classroom activities. View this video to see an example of a PowerSchool Learning parent page.

Is Howard-Winneshiek PowerSchool Learning Safe?

Howard-Winneshiek CSD PowerSchool Learning is a monitored online tool that is accessible only to students enrolled in the class and the class teacher.

Are all teachers using Howard-Winneshiek CSD PowerSchool Learning?
While PowerSchool Learning is a powerful tool available for all Howard-Winneshiek teachers, its use will vary based on teacher's needs and preference.