Admission / Enrollment Process

PRIORITY #1:  Currently Enrolled students:

Once admitted, a student will maintain placement as a student unless dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons.  Students must register for classes each consecutive semester until graduation to maintain their priority status.

PRIORITY #2:  District Resident Student age 16-21:

A student enrolled at Crestwood High School must be referred to the Alternative Program by the principal or guidance counselor before acceptance will be granted.

Special Education needs are met through a comprehensive program offered at Crestwood High School.  Dual enrollment is possible.  

The MINIMUM AGE FOR STUDENTS IS 16!  Students under the age of 16 may petition for admission, and may, in exceptional cases, be accepted on a trial basis.  

Students may be referred for part-time or full-time attendance.  If part-time is approved, they must be also attending the regular high school or the college. 


PRIORITY #3:  District Resident Drop-Out ages 16-21:

Students who are legal district residents who wish to return to the Alternative Program to complete their high school diploma may register their transcripts.  A program of study will be developed that will ensure completion of a high school diploma in a timely manner.  They will need to meet with a guidance counselor to get this information.  

PRIORITY #4:  District Residents ages 21+:

Adults who wish to earn a high school diploma will be accepted for part or full-time status.  It is a strong, positive message and example to younger learners that adults in the community have recognized the need for an education, and are willing to make the commitment to earn a high school diploma. 


A waiting list will be maintained through Crestwood High School Guidance Department.  Students who wish to be considered for admittance or re-admission should be referred to the guidance department.