Academic Contract

1. At the beginning of each semester students will enter into a contract with the Alternative School.  The contract will consist of the following:

a. Subjects/credits that the student will complete during the semester.

i. Students must do 50 assignments and be in school for 25 hours every TWO WEEKS. 

ii. Students may add additional subjects during their contract upon approval.  You are allowed to take up to EIGHT (8) CREDITS PER SEMESTER. 

iii. You may carry over one class from first to second semester.  You will receive an incomplete and have TWO WEEKS to complete the work.  

b.  A student will participate in-residence at the alternative facility by signing up for a firm block of time in which they are expected to be there.  

c.  Report cards are sent out every two weeks.  In order to be in good standing, students must do the 25 hours and 50 assignments.  If this is not done they will receive a warning.  After three warnings they will be removed from the program.  

d.  Contracts will have a syllabus attached for each subject contracted for stating all requirements needed for successful completion of each course.  

2. By signing the academic contract the students will be understood to have agreed to obey all rules and procedures established by the alternative education program.  

a.  As an annex to the academic contract the students will be given a copy of all rules and procedure.