School Transportation Information

If you need to add your student to a bus route, there is a letter under Transportation with instructions as to how this is done. Please realize that just having your students stand by the road is not enough.

Several of our regular bus routes are running at capacity. Each school bus has a maximum legal capacity, and we are not allowed to exceed that limit. The limit is based on three students per seat, but that is only allowed when the students in the seats are small enough to fit. Most students in upper elementary grades and older only can fit two in a seat.

Occasionally, we have students that want to ride a bus to a friend's home or to another location on a bus that is not their regular route. Riding a different bus may not be possible this year.

If you would like your child to ride a different bus, you must call Mr. Swestka at the Bus Garage.  He will be able to tell you if the bus you are requesting to ride has any vacant seats.

Bus Routes

Under Transportation is a .pdf document named "Bus Routes" showing the addresses and approximate pick-up times for all District bus routes. Names of students and parents are NOT listed. If you have questions, please contact Brian Swestka at the Bus Garage, 563-547-2341.