Missed School Days

All full days from the School Calendar that are missed must be made up. Questions are sometimes asked about how long we have to be in school to "count the day." Iowa code states that if K-12 students are in school and under the instruction of the professional staff, the day may be counted. In other words, if we start classes for K-12, we may count the day. If we do not start classes for all students, the day cannot be counted.

Parents and students are reminded to take advantage of the many ways we get the word out when there are weather delays. You can subscribe to Iowa School Alerts (scroll down the page for instructions) for notification by email and/or text message. Many television stations also offer the option to receive an email and/or text message when a school district submits a delay or cancellation. Some television and radio stations are better than others in regard to posting school alerts, and this is beyond our control. We also try our best to get the alert on this school website. It is always possible that a server or power failure could render any particular source inoperable. If you check more than one source, you should get the alert soon enough so you do not leave for school in a car or are not expecting a bus when school is not starting on time.